Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said banks must explain themselves to customers. Picture: Kym Smith

Proof this big bank is gouging you and their excuse for hiking interest rates doesn’t pan out

WHEN this big bank hiked its mortgage interest rates yesterday, it blamed the higher costs passed on by global markets. But there’s just one problem — it’s not entirely true. The money they’ll now rake in from raising interest rates for home owners is double what they actually need. ANZ and CommBank yesterday lifted rates […]


Social Media Is Divided After Dad Comfort ‘Nurses’ His ‘Confused’ Daughter

  baby girl was OBVIOUSLY confused 😭😭😭😂 — 🔥 Daddy Duke 🔥 (@SlimeBallDuke_) September 5, 2018   A dad’s video of his daughter attempting to nurse from him has gone viral on Twitter — and people have something to say. The father — whose name is Chris Brown, as reported in an interview he did […]